How to Activate the Elastic Email Add-on

Elastic Email is a meek and fast email delivery service used for high volume transactional emails.

Transactional emails are automated emails that are activated by user activities. These activities comprise shipping confirmation; password reset link, notifications, as well as updates.

The emails are released from your server in bulk to the third party. The third party may include  your customers, users, as well as your subscribers .

These external SMTP services like Elastic Email, SendGrid, Mailgun, Gmail make the most of the output of emails. SMTP services  are measured to be more reliable than the emails send out from your cloud server.

In this article, we shall talk about the process of adding the Elastic Email Add-on on your Cloudways’ server easily by means of the Cloudways Platform.

How to Activate the Elastic Email Add-on

Here are the steps to establish the process of activating the Elastic Email Add-on.

Step  1

Firstly, go to Add-ons

 Log in to the Cloudways Platform with your authorizations.  Click on the  Grid icon on the top menu bar. After that select Add-Ons.

Secondly, choose and subscribe to the package.  Go direct to Elastic Email add-on from the list and click on the edit button.

There are #packages listed and you are supposed to select a package established on your requirements of email volume. These are your total number of emails per month. After you are done fclick subscribe.

Step 2

You need to configure SMTP on the server for you to permit the Elastic Email Add-on on the server level. To configure SMTP on the server, go direct to the Servers option from the top of your menu bar and click on target server.

After that, go to the SMTP tab in Server Management.  Select Elastic Email and click on ENABLE button from the drop-down menu.

When you have done this, you will have successfully configured Elastic Email Add-on on a server level.

There is no need to activate Elastic Email separately for each application. This is because the Elastic email will configure Elastic Email Add-on automatically on all the web applications under your target server.  Also, all transactional emails will be directed from server level on all applications. 

How to Verify SMTP Configuration 

Cloudways offers the on-scene functions of testing your SMTP settings after configuring the SMTP service on the server.  You can then verify if emails are properly mailing from the server. yo tast the email, you can send a test email to yourself.

You may send the email by clicking on the send test email button. after you have done so, a dialog box will be visible with your Cloudways registered email address.

 if you would like to send test email registered email address, you can just click the send test email button, or you can choose to e0nter your other email address.

A notification will be sent to you once the test email is successfully sent. These emails are usually the ones that are u0sed when you interact with your real money online casino.