How to Use The Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin

 Word press plugins are very important when it comes to creating websites. For your website to perform certain tasks, it needs plugins. Plugins are essential in the sense that they make anything that you want to do on your website possible. There is a plugin for everything that you can think of. you can use plugins on any websites, there are plugins used when creating an e-commerce website, there are plugins used when creating a blog, you can use a plugin if you want to create a real money online casino site. This article is going to discuss how to use Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin. The plugin allows you to migrate your WordPress site from your old hosting supplier to our new platform for free.  

The  plugin is also beneficial if you want to migrate a WordPress Multisite or WooCommerce based website(s).  On the other hand, you can also ask for managed application migration, this i[s where engineers move your site in one piece with no bugs guaranteed.

Step 1 

Part A: Log into Your Site’s Admin Panel

Start by opening your WordPress Admin Panel of your current application.  There are two ways in which you can access your WordPress Admin Panel, these are: access using wp-admin   and accessing via Cloudways Platform.

After you access the WordPress Admin Panel, put in details bellow: 

  •         Enter your WordPress admin username of your site.
  •         Enter your password.
  •         Click Login.

How to Install the Cloudways Migrator Plugin

After you have logged in into the admin dashboard no your site, do the following: 

  •         Click on the Plugins option that is  on the left-hand side.
  •         Then, click on the Add New option.
  •         Go on the search panel and  search for Cloudways WordPress Migrator
  •         Click install to install the plugin.

After you do so, it should be installed. Proceed to click on the activation button in order to activate.

Step 2

Put all the mandatory information. A Cloudways migrator plugin page will appear. You will now be required to enter the following details.

Email address – Enter any email address that you have but a Cloudways registered email address is preferable.

Your destination site URL – You can use your Application that you will find on the Cloudways dashboard.

Your DB name – this can be collected by logging in to your Cloudways Platform. After you log in, select application on the top menu bar. After that, click on the target application. The initials, DB will appear on the screen.

Your Server Public IP address –  this is the address that your web visitors use to find you. You will find it on your Server tab.

SFTP Username – This is your Master Username, you will find on the Server tab.

SFTP Password – This is your Master password, you will find it on the Server tab as well.

After that you can click on the migrate button to start migrating your website.  After you start migrating, the migration will last for between one to four hours.