All you Need to Know about a WordPress Website

This is any website that uses WordPress as its content management system. Here are examples of things that you can create with WordPress.


This is a website that is used to share opinions, photos, reviews, tutorials among other things. New articles are often put first.

 E-commerce website 

 An e-commerce website is a site that is used to sell goods or services online. You can  collect payment through  a web payment system. There is a WordPress ecommerce plugin that you can download to increase the default functionality of WordPress. This means you will have a web store on your website.

Business website

This allows you to have a web presence because you will be visible to web users. For your target market to fin9-d out about you, you need a website. WordPress becomes an excellent option. Customers can get in touch with you, invite a quote, schedule a meeting and much more.

Membership website

This website permits you to put content behind a paywall or an account login. Pages and posts are accessed by logging on or buying the content. WordPress is also used in opening membership websites, there are additional plugins that are used for that.

Portfolio website

This allows you to do your artwork, design skills. It is a portfolio website built on WordPress.

Forum website

This is a website where people can ask questions and the questions are answered by those with knowledge on the subject. There are a number of forum websites that run on WedPress.

Event website – Hosting an event

This  website makes it easy for you to share your event’s information as well as selling  tickets.

E-learning website

The education sector i-s one o-=f the biggest sector in the world. And if you are thinking of starting an e-lerning business well you can use WordPress. Your students can learn online, they can see how they are doing through your website, they can download resources and have access to an e- library. There is a plugin called a WordPress LMS plugin that will help you with that

Advantages of WordPress

Here some of the advantages of using WordPress

  1. Easiness:

    It is easy to use, if you are a beginner, you will easily use it. you can quickly publish and build your website content using  WordPress.

  2. WordPress is Free

    WordPress software that is available on is free, you can download and use it. the only money that you will have to pay is  web hosting and a website name.

  3. Flexibility

     You can create any website using WordPress. You can create a personal blog, an online store, an online magazine or even a newspaper.

  4. Easy to use

    With WordPress, you can use data processing softwares such as  Microsoft Word to create and manage an internet website.

  5. Open-source software 

    WordPress is open-source software.  The software is  licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). it is not owned by one company. There are  many developers and users that collaborate and contribute to the software in order to develop it. the developers improve the software.