All You need to Know about WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are used to cover a website. Covering may imply changing your site’s design but themes offer a lot more. You will have control over how your site is visually presented. There are certain elements that you can control using themes. WordPress Themes produce a graphical interface with a basic unifying design for a website. These themes are a group of files called template files. Many websites including online casino websites use themes to cover their websites. You have probably came across these if you love casino games.  If you would like to build an online casinos website, you may use themes and include real money slots,  online casino bonus page and mobile casino links on your casino website. 

 Themes modify the way a site is displayed, without altering the original software. Themes may comprise of modified template files, image files (*.jpg, *.png, .gif), style sheets (.css), custom Pages, and any necessary code files (*.php).

Default Themes

WordPress currently has three themes, these are the default Twenty Nineteen theme , and previous defaults Twenty Seventeen theme  and Twenty Sixteen theme  .

WordPress allows you to switch between themes using the appearance in the administration Screen. If you add a to the theme directory, it will appear in the Administration Screen > Appearance > Themes as additional selections.

Getting New Themes

You can get new themes in the WordPress Theme Directory which is the official site for WordPress Themes. Theses that you will find in this directory are reviewed and tested against wide-ranging rules. There are 2,900 themes in directory. You will find the perfect theme for the site that you wish to create.  You can use the advanced search feature,  filters for layout, subject and specific theme’s features to easily find the one that you want.

Themes Directory

Almost all themes in WordPress Theme Directory come with installation instructions. You do not have to worry about installation of difficult themes because you will have all the in0structions. All you have to do is make sure you read through and follow the instructions for you to successfully install  the Theme. The Theme author for help in case you encounter any problem installing any theme.

Adding New Themes using Administration Screens

Download any theme from WordPress Theme Directory straight to your site. You can do this using the Add New option in the Appearance sub-menu. 

  1.         Log in to WordPress Administration Screens.
  2.         Select  Appearance screen, then select Themes.
  3.         Select Add New.

You can use the Search or Filter options for you to find a Theme you would like to use.

You can click on the Preview link to preview the Theme. You can also click on the Install link to upload the Theme to your site. Alternatively,  You can use the Upload Theme button at the top of page if you want to  upload a zipped copy of a Theme that you have previously downloaded to your computer.

You can have a look  at what your site will look like after you install your new Theme by using the Live Preview option. This will show you what your site will look like with your existing content, for you to use the live preview option, you will have to download the theme first. There are so many options that you can use for you to add new themes.