Scandal at Marj Ayoon

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So whats all this about Israeli soldiers having a cup of tea at a Lebanese army barracks at the height of the war? While the bombs were dropping on top of children, the lebanese army was having a social get together and quiet chit chat with the enemy?

And when the Lebanese soldiers evacuated the base, the Israelis just went ahead and bombed them!!!! Bloody hell, that’s what I call a classic case of “serves you right”…
Aren’t we Arabs just soooooooooo proud of our armies…..

watch the story HERE 

Galloway Vs. Sky

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Rupert Murdoch and his Fox Network/Sky News cronies under attack in his own studios?,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html

Enjoy.. you gotta love it.

H.R.W report on Israeli War Crimes

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With the death toll of Lebanese reaching over 900, More than 3,000 have been wounded and 1million – or a quarter of the total population – has been displaced. A third of the casualties in the conflict are children under 12……..

With that cheerful news in mind, lets take a look at what Human Rights Watch has to say about all this:

Since the start of the conflict, Israeli forces have consistently launched artillery and air attacks with limited or dubious military gain but excessive civilian cost. In dozens of attacks, Israeli forces struck an area with no apparent military target. In some cases, the timing and intensity of the attack, the absence of a military target, as well as return strikes on rescuers, suggest that Israeli forces deliberately targeted civilians.”


“By consistently failing to distinguish between combatants and civilians, Israel has violated one of the most fundamental tenets of the laws of war: the duty to carry out attacks on only military targets. The pattern of attacks during the Israeli offensive in Lebanon suggests that the failures cannot be explained or dismissed as mere accidents; the extent of the pattern and the seriousness of the consequences indicate the commission of war crimes.”

hmmm, so what about certain documented cases:


U.N Resolution against Lebanon

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Now let’s see….a draft resolution reached after days of painstaking negotiations and a painful compromise….between France and the U.S…..?

One might be excused for thinking that maybe, finally, after more than 3 weeks of slaughter and carnage, some nations had the decency to call a stop to it all….but no wait, we’re talking about Muslims and Arabs here aren’t we? No prizes for guessing who this latest batch of rectal spew from the leaders of the free(hah) world will favor….

Let’s grab a magnifying apparatus and take a shufti shall we?

Let’s see now…hit ctrl+F and search for “ceasefire”….no, no luck there…maybe they misspelled it, let’s try “ceacefire” nope…..ok, just “cease”….no, nothing there…..ah wait a minute, I’ve found “full cessation of hostilities”…so what does that mean? Isn’t that just another way of saying ceasefire? Were all people at the U.N originally lawyers for big corporations before they found more lucrative work? …

And reading on, “the immediate cessation by Hezbollah of all attacks and the immediate cessation by Israel of all offensive military actions”….yes, I see where this is heading…..Hezbollah’s got to stop all its attacks….and Israel its “offensive” military actions…..correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m being a tad cynical here, but doesn’t that mean that Hezbollah has to stop everything, and Israel can pretty much keep on attacking whatever it wants, and then just say “its was Defensive, Defensive! not Offensive…duh”…..oh but surly a nice little friendly genocidal state like Israel would do that? Would it?

“A BBC correspondent at the UN says the wording would allow Israel some freedom if it argues it needs to defend itself.”…..hmmm…it WOULD!

No matter how hard I searched, or how often I used the F3, ctrl-F, F.U, or F.Off functions on my P.C, I couldn’t find anything remotely resembling a call for Israel to withdraw it’s troops out of Lebanon…..

So, let’s strip this U.N resolution of ambiguous slimy lawyer talk, and put it into layman’s terms shall we:

“Hizbollah has to stop all military action, including firing rockets into Israel, and defending southern Lebanon against the Israeli army’s invasion…..Israel can keep on attacking whatever it wants, as long as they say it was “defensive”…..Israel can keep its troops in the south of Lebanon as long as it wishes….

Seems to me, Israel couldn’t have done a better job if it had drafted this resolution all by itself….

Thus it is written, thus the Zion-U.S-U.N council has spoken, and from it’s vile monstrous pit, vomited forth poisons and calamities upon the innocent and weak of the world…..only fools and those dark of heart may fail to weep at this sordid and sorry state of affairs….


A poem about Lebanon

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By Nidal Kadri,

لبنانيات فوق جدار الخيانة

(تموز 2006)

نضال القادري

أتاوا، كندا ـ 31 تموز 2006


كان “سعد” يفتش عن مدينته وسط الضباب(1)

عن حزنه المبعثر عند الأصيل

عن الأمس الأنيس

عن أخر نخلة لم تنحن تحت أقدام الغزاة…

وعتاد “سعد”، هيام يراقص وجه الخيزران

والتي اعتادت أن تهمس لوجه الله /بغداد

تتلو تعويذة البدايات

إذ لا شيء يساوي حضورها

إلا محار ينزاح من أخر الشطأن

شطّان بيروت التي تصعد لصيادها

لأوغادها القادمين (more…)

Israeli War crimes and Massacres

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Pictures of the 2006 Israel Lebanon war

Israeli War crimes and Massacres





Of course, when it comes to the murder of civilians, women, children, reporters, peace activists, even U.N soldiers, Israel has an unbeatable track record…..It’s the undisputed heavy weight champion of slaughter. Funny how they always seem to make these “mistakes” over and over again, isn’t it?



Question: What constitutes a war crime? What constitutes a massacre? What constitutes a violation of human rights and international law?

The Answer: If you’re an Arab or a Muslim, none of the Above. You may be brutally slaughtered right before the eyes of the world, you may be kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured, in plain sight, and no one will so much as even condemn those acts.

From Afghanistan to Iraq, Guantanamo to Abughreb, Palestine and now Lebanon, the massacres continue…..while an uncaring world turns a blind eye, the illusion of modern civilization and human values disintegrates around them, no longer is this thin cape capable of covering the naked truth…..the global community is just a tribe of barbarians…..