Crazy Canadians kill Poor Polish

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polish man tasered

“May I taser him?”……. Then shortly after, 40 year old Robert Dziekanski was dead…

The video is quite disturbing, and you just can’t help but feel a mixture of anger, revulsion and sadness……

Sadness because this death was so unnecessary, and anger because this happened in a supposedly civilized country, at Vancouver International Airport, with a whiny ass Mounty asking his superior for permission to pass 50 thousand volts of electricity through an obviously distressed man, with the same childish attitude as a kid asking his mom for a new puppy.

Mom, can I kill that man, please pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?

The fact that Canadian police, being the unfacist, disciplined and modern professional police force that they are, added insult to injury and immediately put a spin on the incident, saying that the guy had attempted to attack them…….so they felt that the incident was justified self defense…

Of course, when the video of the whole thing was released, they quickly scurried off into a little hole, hid their heads up their asses, and stated that the matter was “under investigation”

Seems truly amazing to me, that in this day and age, in a supposedly civilized part of the world, there can be so little compassion, understanding, and just down right simple common sense and decency. I mean, the guy was a Polish immigrant who was flying for the first time, knew no English and had been stuck in an Airport terminal for 10 hours waiting for his mother to pick him up, with no one, not even airport staff or cops, offering to help. Wouldn’t you expect him to get a little frustrated? wouldn’t you expect him to try and draw some attention to himself?…. well the only way he could do that was by picking up some chairs and throwing them around….as obviously, no one at the airport had the intelligence to get a translator and find out what was going on……. much easier just to taser the bugger………….

Brilliant, half a dozen brave Candian Mounties, wet their pants and get scared shitless by a middleaged Polish man brandishing a “deadly” coffee table… they electrocute the poor bastard to death….

in the end, its:

Fascits: 1

Poor immigrants : nill

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Blair to go, so who’s gonna stop Bush from bombing media stations now?

Posted on May 10, 2007 by Syriapath.
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Blair announced that he’ll be buggering off this summer. Good riddance I hear you say…ah yes, but hold yer horses a minute, who’s going to stop Bush from bombing media stations? Especially a certain Aljazeera in Qatar, a country allied to the U.S.
No one? not even Gordon brown? A shame really, I liked Aljazeera, especially all the Jerry Springer stlye fights and verbal abuse in the debates programmes.

Oh well, it seems to be another case of “you never miss it till it’s gone away”. Bye bye Mr. Blair, we’ll miss how you steadfastly supported the U.S while it bombed people and invaded countries. Who can forget all the good times we had together? Iraq, Guantanamo, AbuGhreb, the C.I.A abductions and tortures….oh those were the times, we had so much fun. And now forever shall they be assigned to history, as part of your legacy to the world. A legacy of a shriveled pathetic man, who pursued his religious ideology with Machavelian zeal, to the point of murder and destruction, disregarding the wishes of his own people, and readily sacrificing their sons in a pointless war. Your average run of the mill despot I’d say, but chillingly reminiscent of his own sworn enemy, AlQaeda.

“Blair” ponder that word carefully…..say it again slowly, relishing all the sylables…. Bbbb-Laaaayy-rrrr …. what does it remind you of? don’t know? clueless? Here’s an interesting fun experiment you can try, turn on your tape recorder, and record the previous Bbbb-Laaaayy-rrrr. Now play it back to your grandma, or favourite relative, which ever happens to be closer, ask them what they think that sound is…..

9 out of 10 times the answer will be: ” sounds like a sick dog vomiting a turd it’s just eaten”…(the other 1 time your chosen relative would have been too deaf to hear it, repeat experiment and change relative).


Don’t bomb us please, Aljazeera staff say

Blair’s antics

Follow the trial of memo leakers

The French are crazy, and Segolene Royal is hot!

Posted on May 9, 2007 by Syriapath.
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Segolene royal now thats one hot mama

segolene royal

Maybe I wouldn’t be so upset if Segolene Royal wasn’t so hot……. then again when I think of the other candidate, I can see that I’m upset for all the right reasons!

I’m upset because someone who calls the frustrated, unemployed children of immigrants “scum”, and orders their beating and arrest without addressing any of their issues, is hardly worthy of leading the nation which brought Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to the world….then again, when you consider just how much “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity” the French brought to their former African colonies, suddenly it becomes fitting that a fascist prick such as Sarkozy should lead the French, keeping in tradition with the long line of countless mad despots that France has had throughout the centuries… louises, Napoleons et all….

So it seems the French are gearing up for another round of native bashing, albeit this time right at home on French soil. Sarkozy is calling on immigrants in France to be “more French” to integrate into French society. Now what in Gods name can that mean? Most of these unfortunate immigrants were born in France, and lived there their entire life. Perhaps it means that they have to wear berets, eat more frogs with their baguettes, and sip Château Margaux while munching on a slice of Camembert on the porch of their cottage located in a quiet rural spot in the countryside? I actually think that most immigrant youth would love to grow up to be wine sipping middle class poofs like their “true French” counterparts, if only someone would give them a job, help them out of their poverty and stop treating them “like scum”.

Congratulations Mr. Sarkozy, yet again the score in Europe, as was before in the States and Australia, is: common sense -nill, bigoted gits- 1…

More pics of Siggy:

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

segolene royal

Virginia and Iraq

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Cho Seung-hui

Cho Seung-hui AKA Lara Croft!

32 dead in Virginia and the world is in uproar. It makes front page headline news in all the international media for 5 days. heads of state and foreign ministers send condolences, candlelight vigils, mass rallies, cries for change, harrowing eye witness accounts, video footage, reports , documentaries, analysis……all of the world’s press descends on Virginia Tech….

100 people a day are massacred in Iraq… hardly anyone notices….just another by-topic to include somewhere in the news broadcast…. just this week 178 people were blown to bits in car bombs in Iraq… where are the candle lit vigils for those people? where are the outpouring of grief? where are the letters of condolences from heads of state? where are all the voices calling for change and something to be done?

Ofcourse, the massacre in Virginia and the massacres in Iraq have one thing in common, they were both caused by a crazed, deranged individual…….in one case it’s a student, in the other it’s a president!
The real irony is that apart from the obligatory increase in flags that Americans resort to when they’ve “been had”, there’s almost no serious steps being taken to insure that a “mini-Iraq” doesn’t happen again in the states. Americans are still wondering how it could have happened….! as if it doesn’t happen every other month! the only real talk of taking action, is directed at stopping deranged nuts before they start going Rambo, just another f****d up misfit from the Americana/holywood/media/mtv pop culture delusion where everyone is supposed to be white, good looking, rich and successful. Those who fail to fit into this distorted category and aren’t pretty enough or rich enough view themselves as worthless or find themselves being outcasts ….which leads to head cases like Mr.Cho Seung.

As if the fact that 200 million guns amongst the populace wasn’t a valid reason……nah, it’s the fault of a crazed lunatic….he did it, not the guns…..can you then please explain to me how that very same crazed lunatic could have killed 32 people if he was armed only with a kitchen knife?

Watching these events unfold in the states is more than pathetic, it’s quite sickening. what valid reason can there be for American people to be the most heavily armed population in all of human history? What argument for gun ownership can possibly out weight the consequences for it? the countless massacres and gun related deaths?

Not content with keeping their violent murder culture to themselves, Americans are now exporting violence wholesale to the world….Iraq is currently the unlucky recipient, but it’s coming soon to a country near you…..

Wake up people, Virgina x3 is happening everyday in Baghdad……

oldie Arabic cartoons

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أغنية المقدمه أغنية النهايه فيديو المقدمه فيديو المقدمه 2 موسيقى الأنطلاق موسيقى الخطر الموسيقى الحزينه الموسيقى الحزينه 2 موسيقى القتال موسيقى الشك موسيقى الكاوبوى مقطع من حلقه

الرجل الحديدى

اغنية المقدمه فيديو المقدمه فيديو النهايه فيديو الاتحاد فيديو للقتال فيديو الرجل المزيففيديو التحول الاول


اغنية المقدمه اغنية النهايه فيديو المقدمه فيديو النهايه مقطع من حلقه

جزيرة الكنز

أغنية المقدمه فيديو المقدمه

عدنان ولينا

اغنية المقدمه اغنيه النهايه فيديو المقدمه فيديو النهايه

الليث الابيض

اغنية المقدمه فيديو المقدمه فيديو قصير


اغنية المقدمه فيديو المقدمه فيديو النهايه


اغنية المقدمه فيديو المقدمه فيديو النهايه


اغنية المقدمه فيديو المقدمه اغنية القتال الانطلاق

مغامرات نحول بشار

اغنية المقدمه فيديو النهايه

زينه و نحول

اغنية زينه ونحول فيديو المقدمه فيديو النهايه


For Arab Metal Fans

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The makers of the documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” are seeking metal fans from Middle Eastern countries who are attending the Desert Rock Festival in Dubai, March 9-10, 2007, to appear in their follow-up film, “Global Metal.”
“We are excited about filming at Desert Rock and meeting with fans from throughout the Middle East,” says directors Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn.  “We want to talk with metalheads from the Middle East about their love for metal and their experiences being metal fans in these countries.”
The filmmakers are seeking information from fans who are attending Desert Rock who currently live in the following countries:








Saudi Arabia


The Palestinian Territories


United Arab Emirates

If you (A) currently live in one of these countries, (B) are attending the festival and (C) are interested in being interviewed for “Global Metal” please contact the directors at:
“Global Metal” is the follow-up film to “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” which explored metal’s impact and controversy over the past 35 years and featured interviews with Tony Iommi, Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Ronnie James Dio, SLAYER, Dee Snider, ARCH ENEMY, LAMB OF GOD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, EMPEROR and many more. The two-disc DVD set was released in North America in May and includes extended interviews, an interactive metal history chart, and a mini-doc on Norwegian black metal.
For more information, visit

Israel’s “Right to Exist”

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A Moral Judgment is Called For

On Israel’s “Right to Exist”


Now that the Palestinian civil war long sought by Israel, the U.S. and the EU appears on the verge of breaking out, it may be timely to examine the justification put forward by Israel, the U.S. and the EU for their collective punishment of the Palestinian people in retaliation for their having made the “wrong” choice in last January’s democratic election — the refusal of Hamas to “recognize Israel” or to “recognize Israel’s existence” or to “recognize Israel’s right to exist”.

These three verbal formulations have been used by media, politicians and even diplomats interchangeably, as though they mean the same thing. They do not.

“Recognizing Israel” or any other state is a formal legal/diplomatic act by a state with respect to another state. It is inappropriate — indeed, nonsensical — to talk about a political party or movement, even one in a sovereign state, extending diplomatic recognition to a state. To talk of Hamas “recognizing Israel” is simply sloppy, confusing and deceptive shorthand for the real demand being made.

“Recognizing Israel’s existence” is not a logical nonsense and appears on first impression to involve a relatively straightforward acknowledgement of a fact of life — like death and taxes. Yet there are serious practical problems with this formulation. What Israel, within what borders, is involved? The 55% of historical Palestine recommended for a Jewish state by the UN General Assembly in 1947? The 78% of historical Palestine occupied by Israel in 1948 and now viewed by most of the world as “Israel” or “Israel proper”?

The 100% of historical Palestine occupied by Israel since June 1967 and shown as “Israel” on maps in Israeli schoolbooks? Israel has never defined its own borders, since doing so would, necessarily, place limits on them. Still, if this were all that were being demanded of Hamas, it might be possible for it to acknowledge, as a fact of life, that a State of Israel exists today within some specified borders.

“Recognizing Israel’s right to exist”, the actual demand, is in an entirely different league. This formulation does not address diplomatic formalities or simple acceptance of present realities. It calls for a moral judgment.

There is an enormous difference between “recognizing Israel’s existence” and “recognizing Israel’s right to exist”. From a Palestinian perspective, the difference is in the same league as the difference between asking a Jew to acknowledge that the Holocaust happened and asking him to acknowledge that it was “right” that the Holocaust happened — that the Holocaust (or, in the Palestinian case, the Nakba) was morally justified.

To demand that Palestinians recognize “Israel’s right to exist” is to demand that a people who have for almost 60 years been treated, and continue to be treated, as sub-humans publicly proclaim that they ARE sub-humans — and, at least implicitly, that they deserve what has been done, and continues to be done, to them. Even 19th century U.S. governments did not require the surviving Native Americans to publicly proclaim the “rightness” of their ethnic cleansing by the Pale Faces as a condition precedent to even discussing what reservation might be set aside for them — under economic blockade and threat of starvation until they shed whatever pride they had left and conceded the point.

Some believe that Yasser Arafat did concede the point in order to buy his ticket out of the wilderness of demonization and earn the right to be lectured directly by the Americans. In fact, in his famous statement in Stockholm in late 1988, he accepted “Israel’s right to exist in peace and security”. This formulation, significantly, addresses the /conditions/ of existence of a state which, as a matter of fact, exists. It does not address the existential question of the “rightness” of the dispossession and dispersal of the Palestinian people from their homeland to make way for another people coming from abroad.

The original conception of the formulation “Israel’s right to exist” and of its utility as an excuse for not talking to any Palestinian leadership which still stood up for the fundamental rights of the Palestinian people are attributed to Henry Kissinger, the grand master of diplomatic cynicism. There can be little doubt that those states which still employ this formulation do so in full consciousness of what it entails, morally and psychologically, for the Palestinian people and for the same cynical purpose — as a roadblock against any progress toward peace and justice in Israel/Palestine and as a way of helping to buy more time for Israel to create more “facts on the ground” while blaming the Palestinians for their own suffering.

However, many private citizens of good will and decent values may well be taken in by the surface simplicity of the words “Israel’s right to exist” (and even more easily by the other two shorthand formulations) into believing that they constitute a self-evidently reasonable demand and that refusing such a reasonable demand must represent perversity (or a “terrorist ideology”) rather than a need to cling to their self-respect and dignity as full-fledged human beings which is deeply felt and thoroughly understandable in the hearts and minds of a long-abused people who have been stripped of almost everything else that makes life worth living. That this is so is evidenced by polls showing that the percentage of the Palestinian population which approves of Hamas’ steadfastness in refusing to bow to this humiliating demand by their enemies, notwithstanding the intensity of the economic pain and suffering inflicted on them by the Israeli and Western siege, substantially exceeds the percentage of the population which voted for Hamas in January.

It may not be too late to focus decent minds around the world on the unreasonableness — indeed, the immorality — of this demand and of the verbal formulation on which it is based, whose use and abuse have already caused so much misery and threaten to cause more.

John V. Whitbeck, an international lawyer, is author of “The World According to Whitbeck“. He can be reached at:

Jesus is a Terrorist

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Jesus is a Terrorist


Jesus is a terrorist, there ain’t no one can doubt it. Born in Bethlehem, what more need I say about it? Thirty foot concrete barriers, soldiers armed with guns, being born in Bethlehem just ain’t much fun. Jesus stands on the corner, throwin’ stones at tanks. Israeli soldiers don’t hold back, they ain’t shootin’ blanks. Jesus stands defiant, a David ‘gainst Goliath. Jesus is a terrorist, he ain’t allowed to pass. Being born in Bethlehem, life is over fast.

Jesus is a terrorist, he ain’t allowed to pass. You know what they’re teaching, in those Christian schools in town. He’s learning hate against the state, and what it means to martyr. Jesus is a terrorist, he don’t need Jimmy Carter. Jesus knows all ’bout them virgins. That ain’t no lie they tell ya, once you pass them pearly gates, it pays to be a fella!

Jesus is a carpenter, but he’s not allowed to work. He passes time carving trinkets for those Christian tourist folk. They come and kiss the ground where Jesus once lay swaddled. They bargain him down, then they just turn on back around. They close their eyes to the soldiers, they close their eyes to the wall. Jesus, born in Bethlehem, don’t stand any chance at all.

Jesus rode a donkey once, straight on through to Jerusalem. Today, Jesus ain’t got a prayer, he’s not allowed to pass. Jesus can’t stoop low enough to kiss the soldier’s ass.

The tourists come back home, blind as before. They go to church, and they sing their songs, and look up on the wall. Jesus still is hangin’ there, saving them from the fall. But just like Judas, they turn their backs, no one heeds his call.

Cause Jesus is a terrorist, but don’t you worry none. It’s just a name they give you when you’re Palestinian. A savior born in Bethlehem- it’s quite a story, but just not rightcause Jesus is a terrorist, don’t you worry ’bout his plight.

Today, the people of Bethlehem are imprisoned behind a thirty-foot high concrete wall, unable to move. The Christian community cannot travel to Jerusalem to pray at the church of the Holy Sepulchre- a short, twenty-minute drive from Bethlehem. The Israeli military occupation, nearing its 40th year, has strangled the economy as well as the people living in the Holy Land, and there is no end in sight. The people are constantly at risk, not even their homes are safe, no sanctuary available- anywhere. The checkpoints and the military incursions are constant reminders that the life of a Palestinian in Bethlehem is cheap. And the Christian community, as well as the world, looks on in silence. At this time of year, as we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus, may all Christians, and all people of faith, raise their voices and demand justice for the good people of Bethlehem and Palestine.

The occupation must end.

The Pirates of the Softabbean

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My hero is a pirate, but not of the “Caribbean” kind. Another kind altogether;  not the sort you’d find swashbuckling or walking planks or cutlassing his foes, or  even drinking rum with his parrot. No, this one prefers binary code and keyboards  to eye patches and skull n bones. Yes, it’s The Pirates of the Soft-abbean, The  software pirates. Those brave misfits who plunder the plentiful coffers of giant  software companies to provide the poor and needy with sustenance and Microsoft  office.

Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it, Pirates these days are like miniature nerdy  Robin Hoods. Forever selflessly stealing from the rich software lords, and giving  to the poor PC user. Although where maid Marian fits in I haven’t yet  figured out.

Pirates these days have many distinguishing features. Mainly the following:

1- Must be total and complete nerds
2- Must come from Russia, Malaysia or China, although some pirate sightings have been reported in Europe and North America
3- All work for free, they don’t make any profits from piracy.
4- When a pirate is busted, he either immediately  goes to work for a big software  company which pays him handsomely for his counter-piracy services, a privateer if  you like, or he must pay a “bounty” and not use a computer for several years.
5- All pirates must be one step ahead and outsmart the idiotic copyright protection  measures put in place by the major corporations. This is actually easier than it  sounds because copyright measures are like child locks to those “in the know”
6- All Pirates achieve infamy through their pseudonyms, never their real names for  fear of being busted. Just like Blackbeard, Long John Silver and Johnny Depp, Pirates these days have names like Razor 1911, Deviant and Johhny Depp!

So as you can clearly see, Pirates have clearly distinguishing features, namely  anonymity, non-profiteering, silly names and nerdiness.

Human Rights Watch Fiasco

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Two important articles you should read which highlight the despicable way HRW is reporting on the tragic events in Gaza and in Palestine.

Seriously, this makes you think twice about the credibility of such organizations…

Would HRW Have Attacked Martin Luther King, Too?
Palestinians Are Being Denied the Right of Non-Violent Resistance?


in Nazareth

If one thing offers a terrifying glimpse of where the experiment in human despair that is Gaza under Israeli siege is leading, it is the news that a Palestinian woman in her sixties — a grandmother — chose last week to strap on a suicide belt and explode herself next to a group of Israeli soldiers invading her refugee camp.

Despite the “Man bites dog” news value of the story, most of the Israeli media played down the incident. Not surprisingly: it is difficult to portray Fatma al-Najar as a crazed fanatic bent only the destruction of Israel.

It is equally difficult not to pause and wonder at the reasons for her suicide mission: according to her family, one of her grandsons was killed by the Israeli army, another is in a wheelchair after his leg had to be amputated, and her house had been demolished.

Or not to think of the years of trauma she and her family have suffered living in a open-air prison under brutal occupation, and now, since the “disengagement”, the agonising months of grinding poverty, slow starvation, repeated aerial bombardments, and the loss of essentials like water and electricity.

Or not to ponder at what it must have been like for her to spend every day under a cloud of fear, to be powerless against a largely unseen and malign force, and to never know when death and mutilation might strike her or her loved ones.

Or not to imagine that she had been longing for the moment when the soldiers who have been destroying her family’s lives might show themselves briefly, coming close enough that she could see and touch them, and wreak her revenge.

Yet Western observers, and the organisations that should represent the very best of their Enlightenment values, seem incapable of understanding what might drive a grandmother to become a suicide bomber. Their empathy fails them, and so does their humanity.