just in case you had any illusions about America

Posted on March 16, 2010 by Syriapath.
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just in case you had any illusions that America was actually a democratic country which supports “human rights”

America can now imprison, torture and shoot American citizens at will:


As our Founding Fathers and a long list of scholars warned, once civil liberties are breached, they are breached for all. Soon U.S. citizens were being held indefinitely in violation of their habeas corpus rights. Dr. Aafia Siddiqui an American citizen of Pakistani origin might have been the first.

Dr. Siddiqui, a scientist educated at MIT and Brandeis University, was seized in Pakistan for no known reason, sent to Afghanistan, and was held secretly for five years in the U.S. military’s notorious Bagram prison in Afghanistan. Her three young children were with her at the time she was abducted, one an eight-month old baby. She has no idea what has become of her two youngest children. Her oldest child, 7 years old, was also incarcerated in Bagram and subjected to similar abuse and horrors.

Siddiqui has never been charged with any terrorism-related offense. A British journalist, hearing her piercing screams as she was being tortured, disclosed her presence. An embarrassed U.S. government responded to the disclosure by sending Siddiqui to the U.S. for trial on the trumped-up charge that while a captive, she grabbed a U.S. soldier’s rifle and fired two shots attempting to shoot him. The charge apparently originated as a U.S. soldier’s excuse for shooting Dr. Siddiqui twice in the stomach resulting in her near death.

On February 4, Dr. Siddiqui was convicted by a New York jury for attempted murder. The only evidence presented against her was the charge itself and an unsubstantiated claim that she had once taken a pistol-firing course at an American firing range. No evidence was presented of her fingerprints on the rifle that this frail and broken 100-pound woman had allegedly seized from an American soldier. No evidence was presented that a weapon was fired, no bullets, no shell casings, no bullet holes. Just an accusation.

oh and read this about how the American army just shoots unarmed students ( of course they make a fuss when Iran just arrests students,) the incident is called the kent state massacre


Jeffrey Miller transferred to Kent State University from Michigan State in 1970. He was a smart kid and had many friends. When first arriving at Kent State Miller pledged Phi Kappa Tau fraternity and became a member. On May 4, 1970 he was shot and killed by an Ohio National Guardsmen in the Kent State shootings. Miller was part of a large group of unarmed students who gathered on the Kent State campus to protest the U.S. war efforts, especially the recently announced invasion of Cambodia. At some point the guardsmen became agitated and fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others. There was a significant national response to the incident and many students all over the U.S. conducted a walk out and strike. Jeffrey Millers last photograph is truly a sad site. John Filo was on campus the day of the shooting and took some iconic images. One of them was the Pulitzer Prize-winning picture of a young girl screaming while leaning over the dead body of Jeffrey Miller. It is one of the most famous pictures in U.S. history and shows the realism of the event. Jeffrey Miller was a kind hearted passionate man who was murdered at a young age. I strongly feel that the final picture of Jeffrey is a fitting tribute to his life and has helped teach a generation about an important cause.

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Comment on March 16th, 2010.

For eye witness accounts of the horrific Kent State shootings including by guardsmen who shot students check out the Emmy Award winning documentary “Kent State, The Day the War Cam Home” It was just released on DVD for the upcoming 40th anniversary. In its review of the program, The Hollywood Reporter stated, “This extraordinary hour long doc is so good, so well constructed, that it can’t help but leave viewers feeling as if they themselves were on the bloody scene of the Kent State carnage” kentstatedvd.com

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