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Posted on November 8, 2006 by Syriapath.
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Finally, and after tons of hard work collecting and organizing, I’ve completed another installment of pictures of Syria in the picture gallery HERE

I’ve also re-categorized the albums, we now have historical, religious, misc, Aleppo and Damascus. I’m hoping that this collection will one day grow to be the definitive picture guide for Syria, so any contributions you may have, please feel free to sign up at the gallery and upload!
You can also tell me if you have any suggestions for improving or adding to the existing gallery.


Comment on November 9th, 2006.

excellent idea, although I think it’s much better to make a flickr account, or group, to compile all of these. Please forgive my criticism, but I think the Syria Path writing over the pictures really takes away from them. The text creates a distraction to otherwise amazing pics.

Comment on November 9th, 2006.

Thanks for your feedback Omar. Flickr is a good idea, however we would like to centralize everything on one website so that there will be more interaction and a better sense of “socializing” between our members.

As for the Syriapath watermark, true it can be distracting, but we use it as a promotional and advertising tool. Visitors can request a non watermarked version of any picture if they want.

Comment on November 15th, 2006.

Thnx u dark1 for ur hard working ,i checked the site and it is amazing ..
i’ve noticed there is a space left under the religious section…and i was thinking if this can be for pics from different countries….other than Syria..

Comment on November 20th, 2006.

Sorry, how can you steal the pictures of other people without mentioning them, or getting permission of them, plus printing your site’s address on them! Isn’t it wrong and immoral to do this?
You have stolen my pictures. It is shameful act. You could contact me before doing that, to tell you how you can publish them.
Sorry to see your picture gallery. I am shocked.

Comment on November 21st, 2006.

Dear Hovic. The pictures in the gallery were collected from various places throughout the internet, we have no idea where most of them came from. Anyway, we’ll be more than happy to add credits to you on the pictures that you took. we can write them out in the picture information under the picture itself, and place a link there to your website.

Please contact me via email, and state what pictures you would like credit for, and the credit information you want placed under them.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention….

Hovic hov.alp username in gmail com domain
Comment on November 21st, 2006.

Thanks for reply. Maybe I was angry and my words sounded harsh. I will mail you the pictures link which belong to me, and request you to place a one word link below them. Of course the writing on the picture itself is better to be removed. I will give an example of this protocol which I was requested a while ago, from a European group who prepared sacred destinations around the world and Syria also has a page, where appear pictures of various people, and all referred to the owner.
the link is
the page for Syria is
I have been writing my email here, would you like to answer me to send you the link concerned.

Comment on November 21st, 2006.

Hi Hovic. you can mail me at , send me all that information so that i can fix the pictures for you. thanks

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