The 95 percent rule

Posted on August 1, 2006 by Syriapath.
Categories: Ramblings.

During a recent brain storm of mine, brought upon by an unusually hectic and intense driving session* in my native homeland of Syria. The 95 percent rule occurred to me. It has now been officially adopted (by a close group of  friends), as a valuable anthropological and sociological tool for the classification and study of the human species.

The theorem clearly states, that 95% of all the people you are ever likely to meet will be  uncivilized, unruly, uncultured and  inferior to you. In physical shape, as well as in intellect and character.

I often find myself labeling people off the cuff as “hmmm, another classic 95 case”, or ” a fine specimen of 95 that one”.

Proof of my theorem can be had by taking a leisurely stroll down your local high street, paying close attention to passers by and pedestrians.

* Driving in Syria is like driving in Italy, only without the etiquette, manners and traffic rules!!

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